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Week 15
~ Let's Talk About . . . You Know

Ok, it's time to talk about sex. I'll try to be tasteful, but I am going to be quite honest, so if you don't want to hear about it, skip ahead to the next entry!

Most of the first trimester I didn't even think about sex! I felt terrible for my husband who was so patient and didn't pester me because there was just no way I could go there physically. I had such love for him wanted to show him how much I cared, but my body was just not interested in anything sexual at all, mainly because I felt SO sick all of the time. Two months without sex when you're married and young is a long time, especially when you weren't expecting to have any problems!

When I finally had a day where I thought I could muster up the energy, I initiated some intimacy. I was so relieved to show my husband that I cared for him and give him a bit of a reward for being so heroic for the past two months. However, it was tough for me to get into it physically. It felt like I was starting over!

After a few more intimate encounters over the next few weeks, I realized that I definitely felt different "down there." I did a lot of reading and discovered that the blood flow totally changes during pregnancy, much to the delight of many women.

Unfortunately, what feels good for many women leaves me feeling very sensitive. What worked for me before suddenly wasn't working anymore! I felt frustrated, but my husband and I have always tried to talk about sex fairly openly, so we'll just have to keep trying different things until something works! Each attempt we make does get a bit better for me, so that's good. It's just a bummer when everything was working before, and now you have to go backwards and get to know yourself all over again. And since I'm still nauseous a lot, we don't get to try that often. I guess I just will have to not expect it to be normal and enjoy it as much as I can.


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