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Week 16
~ 4th of July Outing

I'm still taking the promethazine suppositories about twice a day. Sometimes they don't take, and I have the sudden urge to run to the bathroom and . . . well, let's just say constipation isn't a problem very often! I'm eating vitamin fortified cereal with milk several times a day. I'm also eating a LOT of Ben & Jerry's!! Seriously, this stuff is a Godsend. It feels so good to eat and be satisfied afterward! It also helps keep my stomach from getting empty and that seems to help with the nausea. As far as vitamins go, I'm taking calcium chews and hopefully enough gummie vitamins to satisfy my basic pregnancy needs. I told my doctor I was worried I was depriving my baby of some essential thing and he reassured me I was doing just fine. He's so mellow - exactly what I need!

The 4th of July was this week, and I made my first long visit outside of the house! Tory and I traveled an hour away to visit my sister, her husband, and a bunch of his family. We hung out at his parents' house, and I ate Ben & Jerry's and even some potato salad my sister made. It was amazing to be out of the house and see other people! Being away from the environment I've felt sick in for so long is really helpful, too. My sister was SO excited to see my "baby bump," because all the sudden it just seemed to pop out there! I'd been sitting down all slouchy on the couch so long that when I finally stood up to really go out, there it was! I definitely look pregnant now, although I may not be big enough for strangers to confidently comment. My dad and husband say, "NEVER ask a woman if she's pregnant if you're a guy." Smart men!

I also applied to be a StorkNet writer this week . . . I've been on Storknet several times a week since getting pregnant, and decided that it would be fun to write a pregnancy journal. I was staying up late one night and suddenly found myself applying and writing all about my first miscarriage and the stress of finding out I was pregnant again. Before I knew it, I had submitted!


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