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Week 17
~ Nursery Plans and Waiting for Movement

I'm still somewhat nauseated, but I am able to get out and about a little! I was able to go with my mom and husband at different times to the grocery store this week, which is my ultimate fear as it is full of sensory triggers for vomiting! The first time was easy; we just went to the ice cream aisle, but the second time was a bit tougher. I found myself coughing and gagging every few minutes, and the smell of the rotisserie chicken was following me all through the store! Somehow I made it and didn't throw up, but it took some concentration on my part. I was only there for 15 minutes or so, but it seemed like a pretty long time!

So, I have yet to mention that my husband and I do like the nerdier pursuits in life. We aren't the full on super nerd types, but we definitely have our nerdy side! We've decided to decorate the nursery with "baby Star Wars" stuff. Now, before you judge me too harshly, we will keep it very cute and as tasteful as possible. I did some really cute drawings of mini cartoon Star Wars characters, and my mom is crocheting these little Star Wars characters she found that hopefully we'll be able to put on a mobile. If it's a girl, we won't do much else. I'm not sure about the colors; it depends on if we have a boy or a girl. The furniture will be whatever we can afford, although I want the crib to be up to current safety standards!

I am still waiting to feel baby movement. I think I can feel it sometimes, but because my stomach is SO gurgly all the time, it's impossible to tell a baby from a bowel! My innards sure feel pushed around in general, and my stomach muscles are stretched a lot. Sometimes my stomach feels all compressed, which also makes me feel like throwing up. I finally bought some sort of stretch mark treatment and am trying to remember to dutifully rub it all over my belly twice each day. I spend a lot of time with my hands on my stomach trying to feel baby movement, but all I can feel is gas or my heartbeat pulsating through my entire body. I can really tell there is increased blood flow now!

I got accepted to be a StorkNet writer this week! I'm in it now for real! Each day makes me more confident that this baby may just be ok, but I'm still scared that one day I'll have to sit down and journal how I lost this one too, and then the entire world will know this time. But it has been very helpful for me to journal about how I'm feeling, so hopefully it will be helpful for some other ladies, too!


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