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Week 18
~ Making Art Again

While long term trips out of the house still are not agreeable to me, I'm starting to get bored and restless at home. This is great! I haven't had the energy to feel bored since April, so it is a welcome relief to feel this way! With the restless feelings, I've also started to worry about money since I haven't made any in three months. Besides selling things online, I do some babysitting and other odd jobs that come my way. But there has been no breadwinning on my part for quite awhile, and my humble little bank account is draining quickly from my monthly car payment! Fortunately my husband makes enough to just barely cover the rest of the bills, but it's not ideal.

Holly GolightlyTo help with the restlessness and hopefully provide some relief in the bank account area, I started making some paper dolls again this week. I do collage portraits of different characters (I made a Holly Golightly Breakfast at Tiffany's doll this week), and then collage all the clothes and accessories. Then I scan the dolls into the computer, arrange them there, and print them out on magnetic paper so us "big girls" can play with them every time we open the fridge! I'd like to upload a bunch to my Etsy account (MellyMo) and see where that takes me.

I think I might actually be feeling movement now! It's not what I would expect exactly, but there are times where my stomach is quite calm and there is either a subtle "moving" feeling, or maybe a twinge, or slight pressure in an area. However, when I put my hands to feel it - nothing. I can only feel it internally at this point.

As far as food goes, currently salads with chicken on them seem to be working for me! Just some romaine lettuce with a bit of cucumber (finely chopped), crasins, tiny pieces of chicken, and some honey mustard dressing. The overall taste is sweet and light. The chicken pieces are really small so they blend in, and the honey mustard is sweet so it helps hide the "savory" taste. I also occasionally want Asian food, and actually had my husband bring home some mild flavored Pei Wei! However, looking in the refrigerator still sends me into a gagging frenzy, so my hunger is intermittent and the nausea is still quite real.


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