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Week 19
~ Weight Gain!

I had another appointment at the doctor's this week - and I've gained 12 pounds total in my pregnancy so far! I could hardly believe it when I looked at the scale. Hooray! When I saw the doctor he said that I could actually cut back on the Ben and Jerry's because he didn't want me to continue to gain weight at the rate I had since the last appointment. Crazy! Who'd have thought I could get to this point while still feeling nauseous? I will miss my entire pint of Ben and Jerry's each day, but since I can eat some more food now it's not so big of a deal.

My little sister was in town this week between graduating with her master's from Yale and moving to New York City where she is going to be a costume designer. I'm glad I was feeling good enough to hang out with her - we mostly just sat around, talked about stuff, and looked at things on our computers. It was great! The entire family had a get together at my parents' house a few miles away from mine, and I didn't throw up. I also made a trip out to the west side of Phoenix to visit my cousin, and that was great too! I ate some hot wings (go figure!), potato salad, and fruit salad. I'm really starting to feel normal sometimes, and it's amazing!

The rest of today is going to be spent getting ready for a big trip. Tory and I are going to Tennessee to see his twin sister take her nun vows! She's joining the Dominican order of nuns, and this is the big event that we can't miss. We could barely afford to go, and I'm rather worried for the plane ride and feeling sick, but this is a huge deal for her and it is seen as a big celebration. I know if I didn't go it would be a huge mistake, and I'm really excited to see Tory's family as they are so much fun!

Also, before we leave town tomorrow, we're going to find out the gender of the baby! I'm so thankful to finally get to this point, where we can actually think about names for real, buying clothes, and decorating the nursery! I've been preparing myself for it being a boy, since I come from a family of all girls and I don't know a whole lot about boys, but my sister says it's a girl, so we'll see!


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