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Week 21
~ Lots of Firsts

MelissaAfter such a successful trip to Tennessee I am starting to realize that I can start to push myself more to get back out there and do things. I'm still spending a lot of time at home, but this week was full of many firsts for this pregnancy.

I ate steak and mashed potatoes for the first time since April, which for me is a super big deal! It's one of my favorite meals, and it was so awesome to eat those pieces of meat and the homemade mashed potatoes I made. Hooray!

I am for sure feeling baby movement! After the ultrasound showed her moving all about, I started to get more confident in telling the difference between digestive upsets and baby movement. To know for sure that's what I'm feeling is nicely reassuring. She goes through phases of movement for sure, but I can't really detect a schedule yet. The movement is not really strong so it's not bothersome, but I hear it will probably get that way . . .

Another first this week was that I started getting up at the same time my husband in the morning and trying to get back on my old schedule. I'd been sleeping in till 9:00 or so every day, but since we came back from Tennessee, which is three hours ahead of Arizona, I thought this would be the perfect chance to get back on schedule since I was already jet lagged! It's worked pretty well so far.

Our good friends came over on Friday night, and they haven't seen me since I got pregnant. It was great to see them and play games and talk just like we used to. I know things will be different with a baby around, but hopefully we can still keep the bonds of friendship strong with this wonderful couple we love to be with!

gabbee paper dollsTory and I were also able to go to church for the first time since April this past Sunday. That was nice to finally be back, and we went shopping afterwards as well! The following day I carpooled with Tory for the first time too, since we share a car, and I had the car for the day! I was able to visit with a good family friend who is in Phoenix for a few weeks and spent the entire day hanging out.

I am also seeing more activity in the artistic department. I do personalized magnetic paper dolls of people, and I'm starting to get some orders! Any money coming in at this point is such a blessing!

Another important thing to mention is that my sister, who only lives an hour away, had a very good friend of hers be diagnosed with breast cancer. She is going to have to go through a mastectomy and chemo for a year, and she's only a year older than me! Everyone who knows her and her family is trying to rally together and give her the emotional support she needs, so that takes up a lot of my thoughts these days. We're also trying to raise all kinds of money to help pay for her medical costs, and it's kind of fun to brainstorm about fundraiser ideas. I guess it's good for the friends because we can DO something to help her instead of just feel sad. All of this certainly puts my small physical trials in perspective!


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