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Week 22
~ Big Family Reunion

B&BAugust has been my busiest month of pregnancy so far! I just got back from my second across the country trip in two weeks! My grandparents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, and wanted the entire family to get together for a big reunion outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'm definitely feeling pretty close to normal these days with just the occasional nausea. However, my ever enlarging midsection is making it difficult for me to move about as lithely as I usually would, and is starting to make me feel uncomfortable in general.

Fortunately we had a direct flight with my husband and parents, so it was not too long of a trip. Our accommodations were at this adorable bed and breakfast called The Inn at Pine Terrace, an old Victorian home with 15-20 rooms. It was fantastic! The wallpaper was hand printed, and the owner was very hospitable and happy to make conversation at breakfast. I'd never stayed at a B&B before, but now I'm pretty sure I'm spoiled!

All my extended family was super happy to see me and the baby belly, and told me to play the "pregnant" card as often as I could before the baby was born! It is almost silly how much people are willing to accommodate you when you are pregnant. I'm not complaining, but I'm pretty sure I could get just about anything I ask for right now! It's actually a little difficult to remember that I can do things for myself if there are a lot of people around, because they all want to help. However, sometimes I do need help doing random things that I wouldn't expect needing help on, so it's really great to have helping hands nearby!

The trip back was a bit more uncomfortable. For some reason, the plane we were on did not have the little air vents above the seats, and we were in the very back row so our seats would not recline. I spent the entire flight arching my back to try and give my little girl some room and fanning myself with the safety information card because I was unexplainably hot. And then to top it off, the bathrooms didn't work!

Coming back to Phoenix in 100 plus heat was difficult. The hardest part of the trip was just lugging bags around the airport parking lots and waiting for shuttle buses outside. I love Phoenix, but I don't have much heat tolerance right now, so that was quite trying. Also, I can't walk fast because my belly bounces and it hurts, so I'm starting to waddle along at a slower pace behind everyone else wherever I go!

I'm feeling all kinds of baby movement now, and Tory finally felt some movement yesterday evening. She was being active, so I told Tory to put his hand on my stomach and wait till he felt something. It's interesting how men react to pregnancy. Sometimes he's all excited and says hi to the baby, and other times it's just as though everything's normal. His overall tone is a sort of quiet contented happiness combined with slight anxiety and wondering how we're going to make it all work. He's been wonderful, and I can't wait to see him as a daddy!


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