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Week 23
~ Paper Dolls!

Dr. whoI can't believe it, but I'm over halfway through this pregnancy!! I'm finally eating with vigor, although there's still a few foods I can't eat or even think about. My anxiety is so much better because everything seems to be going well, and soon the baby will be viable outside the womb if something goes wrong. I know there's no guarantee about that, but it's a relief to think that she could make it if something happened!

Well, my Etsy store is busy and the paper doll orders are rolling in! My new creation this week was a paper doll of Dr. Who, from the British TV series they've updated in recent years. My Etsy store is, just in case you were wondering! You can check out all my artsy stuff there to see what the heck I've been doing while on the couch!

I also have a bunch of customized paper doll orders, which are so much fun to do! People can get a doll made to look like themselves or a loved one, and I have some early Christmas orders! Hooray for that, because I still can't carpool with Tory and it's too hot for him to drive his car!
The baby is moving all over all the time now. There's a spot on my lower right side where most of the movement seems to be, but I can't tell if she's staying in that spot or if it just happens to be the way she's tilted in there that that place sees the most action. The funny thing is, it's always been that spot, even when I thought I was having gas, it was right there!

Had another doctor's appointment this week, and things are still going well! I gained another 5 pounds since last appointment, so I've gained 15-18 pounds so far in this pregnancy! Hope this is normal, because now when I'm hungry it's impossible not to eat. Plus, I've always had borderline low blood sugar, so I get shaky sometimes and scarf down whatever's handy.

I'm having problems with one of my eyes, and it's completely freaking me out! There's a spot in my vision and my eye feels a little irritated. I'm VERY phobic of people poking at my eyes and any treatment is going to be torture for me. The only good thing is that it's unrelated to my pregnancy because my blood pressure was checked yesterday and it's great! Anyway, hopefully I can get the courage up for actually calling the eye doctor and my eye is just strained or something, but I know spots in your vision can be very bad. It probably doesn't help that I recently saw a "Monsters Inside Me" episode where some lady had tapeworm larvae in her eye! Oh, my goodness.

My birthday is about a month away, and I've decided to just have family over to celebrate and, as a present, have them paint the nursery! I'm thinking brown and pink, and still some little cartoony Star Wars touches. And at SOME point we're going to have to register for baby stuff!


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