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Week 24
~ Diapers and Back Sleeping

24 weeksThis past week just slipped by so quickly I realized I'm a day late in writing my journal entry! Not that it's a big deal, but I used to count the days till each Wednesday, because that meant I'd made it through another week of pregnancy. Glad those days are starting to fade . . .

So I spent most of the day yesterday researching alternatives to disposable diapers. Now, I'm not anti-disposable, but when my sisters and I were little, pretty much everyone had cloth diapers from a diaper service. I can still remember the big plastic bins where the dirty diapers went, and the truck coming around once a week to take them away and bring clean ones. It is a strong enough memory for me that it still seems like a viable option and not completely "out there."

I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, because I've had a lot of people tell me that diapers cost about $200 a month, but when I look online, a bulk pack of over 200 newborn Luvs diapers costs about $40! That's pretty cheap and is an awful lot of diapers. The cloth diaper service is $70 a month for 70 diapers, and $2 for each additional 10 diapers after that. There are also cloth diapers with disposable, biodegradable linings, and those are cheaper than the cloth service but maybe not as cheap as the giant pack of Luvs.

So I'm confused and am not sure what to do. My Midwestern money sensibility is kicking in and wants to go with what's cheapest, but it also seems like a good idea to not add to the millions of diapers going into landfills. We'll have to see what solution I end up going with! The one thing I don't want to do is wash all the cloth diapers myself, because I won't have time to wash 10 plus poopy diapers every day! Especially in the beginning, with the super soupy icky poo.

I'm also struggling with not sleeping on my back! I know all the advice is "don't do it" because the weight can restrict some blood vessel to the baby and your intestines and whatnot. Sleeping on my sides HURTS my hips. The poor bones feel bruised after a few hours of sleeping, and we've put two cushion covers on our mattress! I'm sure if we had a much better mattress this wouldn't happen, but we're not buying a new one because we can't afford it. Even this one was given to us!

So, I sleep on each side a few hours a night, and spend a few hours sleeping almost sitting up, hoping that I'm propped up enough to keep the weight off that blood vessel. I'm not technically laying down, but I am straight and not laying on my sides.

I want to be chill about this pregnancy, but since it's my first I keep wondering what I'm doing or not doing that may cause some sort of major problem later. And, as good as the internet is for information, sometimes the warnings seem totally overblown because they'd rather be safe than sorry and don't want to get in trouble for one person following their advice and it turning out wrong. Next appointment I'll have to ask my doctor about back sleeping, because he's very mellow and will give good advice.

There are a lot of things to think about now. I'll be researching diapers some more but who knows what I'll end up doing!


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