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Week 25
~ Almost in the 3rd trimester!

I'm starting to get excited about getting to the third trimester. I'm already waddling a little bit, and my stomach just keeps growing and growing! I looked down at my stomach this week and realized my belly button is about half the size it used to be! It's just the littlest divot now, and I suppose it will be gone or inside out soon. I can remember being in high school and hearing that women's belly buttons turned inside out when they got pregnant, and the thought of it freaked me out because I thought it would be painful. It's not.

The baby movement is still strong, and she's making all kinds of kicks and lurches in there right now. It's reassuring to know she's doing stuff in there, and if things calm down for more than a few hours I try to shift positions to make sure she's ok!

The stretching of my insides continues and is still uncomfortable. I rarely forget the fact that I feel pregnant. Everything inside's all squished and moved and uncomfortable. I'm also having more heartburn than before, although it's not all that bad yet. A dish of ice cream before bed has always helped with heartburn for me!

I'm obsessed with making fudge right now! Now, by no means am I a candy making genius, but I found a fairly easy recipe online and then tweaked it this week, and made my best fudge ever! I substituted sweetened condensed milk for evaporated milk, reduced the sugar slightly, and the end result was way better than the recipe originally made. So, as I sit at my computer and read all about my friends' exercise routines on facebook, I'm pregnant on the couch eating large pieces of fudge!

My cousin recently moved into the Phoenix area and is also pregnant. She's due October 20, but the doctor said the baby wants to come early and could arrive any day now! It's so strange to have a family member nearby that is having a baby too.

Also, another very close family member has decided to pursue foreign adoption for their first child. I'm so excited! So, when I'm not thinking about my pregnancy or making paper dolls, I'm thinking about the precious new arrival our family will be getting from somewhere overseas in the next year or two. What an adventure!


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