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Week 26
~ Helping Others

This week I've been devoting more time than usual to helping out friends and family. I haven't been able to do that very much since getting pregnant, so it feels nice to have a little energy to give!

Monday my Mom and I went to a good friend's house to help her decorate. We spent 4 or 5 hours just going through all her trinkets and things, arranging them and hanging them…while tedious, it was also nice to get out of my own house and chat while we made her place more homey. I kept to the smaller things, and found myself getting tired pretty easily, but I was still able to visit and be generally useful.

My friend had her double mastectomy this week! The only support I could provide for her was prayer and encouragement through facebook, but I did find a funny scarf with soft sculpture breasts hanging on the ends that I'm sending her, so that will be fun when she gets it! My sister spent hours and hours with her, and even took her to the plastic surgeon to see how her "expanders" are doing.

On Wednesday my mom and I went to my sister's house an hour away to help her think about fundraising ideas for adoption! She and her husband have decided to go for it, and are applying to adopt a child from Ethiopia! They've been thinking about adoption for quite awhile, but now it seems to be time to try and make it happen. However, it takes a lot more work and money to do foreign adoption than domestic, and certainly more than I have to spend on being pregnant, so money is a super big deal. I'm going to make a bunch more paper dolls over the next few weeks and have the proceeds for them go toward adoption costs. It's just a matter of getting the word out to the right people so they buy them!

As far as physical things go, I was trying to sing in church on Sunday, and suddenly noticed I was out of breath! And then when I was folding laundry with my husband and trying to talk at the same time, the same thing happened! It's becoming difficult to talk and stand at the same time. I guess that means my lungs are starting to get compressed. I told my mom about it and she said the same thing happened to her with me when she was trying to sing in her church choir. She said she just lip synched a lot!

I think I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions some, although they aren't very noticeable like I thought they'd be. Sometimes when I stand up my lower abdomen tightens suddenly. It doesn't hurt and it is pretty subtle, but I'm pretty sure that's what's happening!

Also, I'm getting so tired by 10 every night! I usually fall asleep on the couch solidly sitting next to my husband, and he has to wake me up to go to bed! Yet another thing to make being "romantic" difficult, which makes me a little frustrated, but I know I do need the rest and I cannot control the heavy tiredness that washes over me earlier than usual!
This weekend is my birthday! Hooray for turning 31! Family is coming over on Saturday to help paint the nursery, and then we'll have dinner, cake, and hang out. It's a shared birthday with my sister's mother-in-law, since our birthdays are so close and she's coming over too. Sometimes it's nice to share a party!


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