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Week 27
~ Celebration!

paintingI almost forgot to write an entry this week! I was all excited about starting week 28, the third trimester, and completely forgot about the fact I hadn't journaled week 27.

I'm 31 now! My birthday was this week, so we had a big celebration with family. As I mentioned in my last entry, I wanted my family to come over and paint the nursery as a baby present. We went with pink on the top and tan on the bottom. It's so cute! No furniture yet, I'm hoping for some super cheap hand-me-downs, but the colors are great! It was fun to put people to work, although the room was so small that everyone didn't fit in there at a time!

paintingOne of my favorite things about my birthday is that I get an ice cream cake from Coldstone every year. Mmmmmm… my favorite flavor is their cookie dough cake, but really any one of their cakes would be amazing! This year, the cake and paint were literally my birthday presents, since we didn't have any money to splurge on other stuff. But my wonderful husband has been quite generous in the past, and I believe in spending in accordance with what you have, not with what you want! So, this year it was basically the "necessities," but I felt just about as blessed as if I had millions (or at least thousands). Sometimes I think in America we forget how our basic necessities are almost automatically taken care of, and that's something so many other people don't have. My husband and I live like royalty compared to people in some countries!

paintingIn an effort to get our budget as tight as possible, my husband and I have started buying groceries differently. Of course we should have been doing this all along, but when you have that little extra money to spend and you're busy, you just buy the quick stuff that costs more! I do NOT love spending a lot of time cooking, but we pulled out the crock pot that we got as a wedding present, and it's my new favorite thing! You can get really cheap bone in chicken quarters and just toss them in there with a bunch of savory sauces or some bullion, and 6-8 hours later you have magic! I love thinking about how little each meal costs as we eat it. And the food tastes SO much better than what we were buying before!

Now that I'm really starting to get bigger, my stomach is getting squished and I'm getting some additional nausea and heartburn! I feel full for hours, and then suddenly I'll feel really hungry. Then, after I eat, I feel really full and kind of nauseated again. Now, it's still way better than the first trimester, but it's a little annoying to still have to deal with nausea. I wonder what the third trimester will bring??


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