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Week 28
~ Physical Changes of the Third Trimester

Hooray! I'm super excited to officially be in the third trimester! The pluses: I feel and look super pregnant, I can actually start thinking about having a real baby, and I can feel all kids of movement and kicking to remind me she's active and hopefully healthy! However, the physical changes and sort of negatives are quite present and I'm also kind of dreading the next three months.

Love is what makes a familyBefore getting into all the physical changes, I have so say the most exciting thing I did this week was help set up a store on to help my sister with adoption costs! Check it out to see the adorable pro-adoption designs I made!

I'm craving sugar. Sugar, sugar, sugar. I haven't heard anything back from my glucose test, and it was over a week ago, so I should be fine there. I have a pretty big sweet tooth normally, but now all I want is sugar! Ice cream, soda, fudge, anything! However, I'm on the upper side of what I'm "supposed" to be gaining - I've gained 24 pounds so far, so I'm not so sure the sugar cravings are a good thing!

My stomach feels stretched to the max. After I eat, it feels so cramped and stretched, particularly up high. No stretch marks yet, but I'm sure they're on their way soon! How can my body stretch any more? Sitting down is difficult, leaning forward is difficult, bending over is difficult too. I'm waddling for sure already!

The acid reflux I have is acting up again. Random heartburn pops up, and I can just feel the acid there all the time, even if it doesn't hurt. I also get pretty nauseated sometimes after eating or drinking coffee because there just doesn't seem to be much room for the food to go in! I think part of the reason I'm craving sugar is because I rarely get nauseated after eating sugary things.

My IBS seems to be acting up again too . . . so it's often either semi constipation or super gurgly intestines, neither of which I really want to deal with. My stomach is in the worst shape after waking up, so if I take it easy in the morning I can usually have a pretty good afternoon. Soda helps some, with its nice carbonation bubbles.

Sleeping is somewhat difficult, although a little better recently. My doctor said I could sleep propped up in bed, because I was worried that that would still count as lying on my back. I spend several hours a night sleeping almost in the sitting position, which helps my hips and back some.

Psychologically, I'm doing great! I'm excited although really have no idea what's actually in store, so I'm trying to enjoy the feelings as they come. My husband and I recently watched the episode of "The Office" where Jim and Pam have their baby, and it was really funny to watch my husband watch the show. He laughed really hard at parts, and then seemed really uncomfortable moments later! I'm trying to shoot some facts his way about labor, like "you know it can take over 10 hours the first time, even days." I guess not being a woman and not having watched endless episodes of "A Baby Story" on the Learning Channel there's a lot he just doesn't know. We'll be signing up for a childbirth class, and hopefully that will help prepare him (and me, too I suppose)!


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