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Week 29
~ Newborn Baby Cousin

reunionWhat a busy week! I am in the midst of a family reunion right now, with my mom's sister and brother both in town because my cousin had a baby this week!

It's been at least four years since I've seen a newborn at a hospital, so it was pretty amazing to go see my cousin and her new baby girl. This is her third child, so she was pretty chill about the whole thing. I was trying not to pepper her with too many questions, but just want to know all the details! She's just bouncing back to health, too, but maybe she has to because she already has two adorable little boys who require a lot of energy and attention.

As I saw the baby I was trying to imagine how it will feel to have my own newborn baby girl, but she was wrapped up so tight in blankets that I just couldn't there in the hospital. It was too surreal. However, a few days later my cousin brought her kids down to my parents' house, and the baby was all dressed up in a little dress. When my husband saw her, he went all gaga over her! It was adorable. My husband has no shame in gushing over cute babies and animals, and we had a few fun moments of newborn baby practice looking at my little cousin. That got me really excited to see how happy he will be after our baby is born!

Wow, has money ever been tight this month! Tory and I have been trying so hard to be responsible with our money, but sometimes there's just not much in the bank account. (I'm sure you can relate.) The good news is that the board game my husband made is actually selling well, and we will be seeing a bit of financial relief from that pretty soon. We might even be able to finally buy some baby furniture! Used, of course, but that's ok.

I also spent this week getting a lot of things organized as far as the birth is concerned. I don't have a birth plan yet or anything, but I called my insurance company and found out what they cover and how much the co pay will be, etc. I hate calling people, but this was worth it! If you are about as far along as I am in a pregnancy, I HIGHLY recommend that you call your insurance company to find out what they cover! You don't want to have to deal with that when you are in panic mode. Fortunately, we have a pretty darn good plan with a relatively small co-pay, but if I didn't call about it, money is so tight that we may not have had the money saved properly!

Since the baby is due SO close to the New Year, I even spent some time this week trying to estimate how much we would maybe owe in taxes if she isn't born until after January 1st. I also highly recommend doing this too if your baby is due late in the year. Just so you can have some money set aside and prepare for April 15. Believe me, I am NOT an organized person, so if I can do this, you can too!

I'm getting excited as each Wednesday rolls around because that's when I start a new week in my pregnancy. Now each week seems like a really big deal! I'm even able to start feeling a hard round spot in the upper right side of my abdomen, pretty sure it's my little girl's head! Very exciting . . .


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