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Week 30
~ Good Things

This has been an amazing week! I'm finally starting to feel on top of things. Hopefully that's not a sign that it's all about to fall apart!

toryWe actually got a check for profits made on my husband's game, and it could NOT have come at a better time! Let's just say it was down to the wire as far as finances go. I believe in working hard and making sacrifices, but I also believe in asking God and trusting in him to provide for you in times of need. This financial relief was both. So thank you to everyone who helped make that happen!

It was also our three year wedding anniversary this week and the one year anniversary of living in our house! We had a week of celebration in a way. One day we went to Ikea and planned what furniture we could buy, another day we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant (I can hardly remember the last time we ate at a "sit down" restaurant!), and then on our anniversary itself we shared a pad thai from Pei Wei and ate a Coldstone ice cream pie! As for presents, all I did was buy us some needed clothes from Old Navy, but after money being so tight, it felt great.

As far as baby stuff goes, I'm really feeling all kinds of baby stuff all the time! This week was my first obvious experience with hiccups in utero. It really freaked me out, because I thought I was having muscle spasms or the baby was having spasms. They weren't super strong, but they were way faster than adult hiccups so I thought "surely this can't be right!" However, after reading up on the internet, that seems to be what's going on. A lot of people say they love the hiccups, but I have to admit the rhythmic twitching is hard to ignore and I don't really like it. I prefer all the other crazy movements instead!

I definitely can feel her head now. It's generally on the upper right side of my abdomen, and that means her feet are doing all the jabby kicks I've been feeling for months now in my lower abdomen. She really does prefer one position, although she does move about and change positions during the day. The movement is reassuring, because I know she's alive and at least somewhat healthy! And it's great to feel her head with my hand, like a pool ball just on the other side of my stomach. It really helps me feel connected, because I know what I'm touching. Tory has gotten to feel it too!

Now that I'm so far along, I keep thinking how the baby really could come at any time. I know it would be very, very early at this point, but a lot of babies are born at all times in the third trimester! Hopefully she waits till the right time, of course, and it would be helpful if we had baby furniture too!


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