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Week 31
~ More Third Trimester Symptoms

Much of this week was a continuation of the good things of last week. We bought a shelf set for my husband's growing board game collection, I got a few more clothes, and we hung out with our friends in Phoenix and ate out. Things are so much more fun when you have a small amount of money to work with!

My aunt and uncle from Minnesota have decided to move to the Phoenix area, and they came this past week to look at houses. Then they found one that they wanted, put in an offer, and it was accepted! AND my uncle had a job offer in the Phoenix area on the same day, so he's staying here for good while my aunt gets things finished up back "home". It's amazing how quickly things happen sometimes. So, my uncle is living with my parents and grandmother until his house is ready, so one more extended family member is in Arizona now! That will make 16 of my family living here somewhere in the Phoenix area, I think. Amazing!

New physical things this week related to pregnancy: swollen hands and feet. I was kind of hoping this wouldn't happen, but of course it did. Curse you, third trimester! The swelling is pretty mild at this point, so it's not too big of a deal, but some of my shoes don't fit! Thankfully it's nice and warm here and I can just wear my sandals.

Energy wise, I actually am feeling better than ever right now. I do get short of breath and still have a super gurgly stomach in the morning, but I have more energy mid day than probably any other time in my pregnancy so far. Not that I'm superwoman, I just feel normal again, but that's great!

Kick count chartI had my last four week OB/GYN appointment this week (after this it's every two weeks!). Everything looked pretty good, although apparently I'm slightly anemic and now have to take iron supplements. I found one that supposedly is a slow release and may help with all the side effects iron often gives you. Also at the doctor's appointment when he listened to the heartbeat, there was this weird interruption and we realized it was hiccups! And the sound of the hiccups corresponded to the quick little twitching I've been feeling, so that was good to know what that was for sure.

Also, I'm supposed to be doing "kick counts" now. My doctor said pick an hour a day when she's active, and then make sure you feel four kicks in that hour. This seems kind of silly as she's so active I'll get 4 to 10 kicks in a minute during the active times! So, I made my own kick count chart where I'll pick the time, and then just tick off the extreme amount of kicks and or rolls I feel in the established block of time. Hopefully that will be a more accurate measure. I'm not sure if I should count a group of kicks as 1 movement or count all the little jabs, so I'll have to figure that out. As long as I pick a way and am consistent, that should be ok I think.

I am definitely wondering what each new week will bring now that I'm so far along!


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