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Week 32
~ Nearing the Home Stretch

paper dollsThings are finally really starting to feel "real" at this point. There will be a baby here soon, and the end of this pregnancy is in sight! (Thank goodness is all I can say!) There are technically still two months to go, but I have a feeling they will go by pretty darn quickly. Once we get past Thanksgiving, who knows? Babies often come early . . .

Most of this week was spent making paper dolls, which is basically my full time job right now! I'm nearing the end of my big paper doll project on and still have some paper dolls to make for that. I made Jim and Pam from "The Office" this week, and they are some of my favorites so far! Plus I have an influx of orders of people wanting stuff for Christmas, so that keeps me busy too.

It's funny how within the last month, I've gotten so obviously big that people went from asking me "do you know what you are having yet?" to "when are you due?" I must look like I'm ready to pop at any moment! But being so small framed, the baby has nowhere to go but straight out in front. My mom was the same way, and had people asking her when she was due at about seven months as well.

Last Saturday my sister had a bake sale at a fall festival for her church to raise money for her adoption, so I drove an hour and helped hang out at the booth with her and the other ladies in the family who live here. It was a lot of fun, and she made over $100, which is great for a little bake sale. She really needs extra emotional support right now as she's starting the adoption process, because people are amazingly opinionated and sometimes give her a hard time about adopting from Africa, which is just shocking to me. How dare anyone stick their nose that far into her business and her family? It's bizarre how supportive people will be if you're pregnant but the moment you decide to adopt, it's like "do you really know what you are getting into?" And what on earth gives them the crazy idea that they can just tell other people how to run their lives? I guess they just have no idea how bad it is over there and what these kids will go through if people don't rise up to help their plight. Millions of them die impoverished and alone with literally no one to help them. Anyway, I guess I'll have to come up with some nice but snappy comebacks to defend my little niece or nephew when we're out and about . . .

I started taking iron to help with my slight anemia, and I hate it. I don't get too nauseated, but it stops me up badly. NOT cool people. My husband, the angel that he is, bought me some stool softener/laxative at CVS yesterday on the way home, so that is helping. I really don't want to have to take this stuff all the time, but I just have to tell myself "only two more months of all this…"

Summing up, the other physical symptoms are still there: some heartburn and acid reflux, occasional swelling in my hands and feet, having a hard time getting comfortable in bed (and everywhere else), waddling when I walk, and getting short of breath. It's still way better than the first and second trimesters for me, where I couldn't get off the couch!


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