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Week 33
~ Baby Shower!

Who doesn't love a baby shower? Attention, presents, cake and punch . . . Actually, I was initially pretty nervous about my baby shower because so many of my close friends have had fertility problems and or miscarriages, and I know the emotional toll going to a baby shower can do when you are nursing your own private grief. However, the human spirit is always stronger than I give it credit for, and my friends are still only too happy to put any reservations aside and come together for me and celebrate my baby! What a blessing.

The shower was at my sister's mother-in-law's house. I have to figure out how to explain that my sister's mother-in-law is just a part of my extended family at this point, even though most people don't know their siblings' in-laws. Alice is awesome. She is an armed guard that drives detainees around for a living! She's a great cook and is all about being healthy and natural. We couldn't be more different but we get along just fine! So she, my sister, and my mom and grandma put together an adorable little shower and 10-15 people or so attended.

Somehow I think I had more presents at the shower than actual people attending! Baby onesies, blankets, all those little accessories like nail clippers and bath products, a baby bath, a bassinet and even a car seat travel stroller system! I've never gotten so many presents, not even at Christmas time! There is a nice pile of stuff in the nursery now . . .

I'm also finding some hand me down furniture from my sister's friends for really good prices. I'll be getting a crib and changing table for super cheap, so that's awesome! (Don't worry, I have a print out of current crib safety standards). My cousin gave me her breast pump, too, so I'm super happy not to have to buy one.

We also started childbirth classes last night. I'm excited to go there, although there are moments when they are talking and you want to completely freak out! I'm trying to be prepared but not make myself emotionally go through the birth process until I'm actually there. When you have high anxiety like me, you don't emotionally put yourself through anything unless you have to. It's a fine line, but I'm not in denial, don't worry! But there's no way you can know what you will emotionally feel at that moment, so I'm just trying to focus on the techniques and let the feelings be for when I'm actually in labor.

Overall things are good, but I don't want you to think that life is all roses, either. There were several terrible things that happened this week, including a medical scare with my husband (the doctor thinks he should be ok), some really bad things my over stressed sister had to deal with, and some stress over business decisions my husband and dad have to make (separate businesses). So, I've just decided to focus on the good today, because hopefully the bad stuff will work itself out.


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