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Week 35
~ Finishing Childbirth Classes & Baby Furniture

Well, I'm still feeling pretty great, except for all the third trimester "complaints" . . . some back pain, hip pain, and definite heartburn. And it's hard to sleep. However, compared to many things I've read, I'm getting more sleep than a lot of third trimester mommies. Because I'm doing art and basically working from home, my schedule is more flexible so I can sleep in till 8:30 or even 9 if I want to! And if I wake up at 4 am and can't fall asleep for two hours because my hips and back hurt and I'm suddenly worried about how I'm going to take care of the baby, this extra sleeping in time is awesome.

I've also really started to feel the baby low in my pelvis. I don't think she's "dropped" yet, but her head really digs down in there sometimes and I get some fairly ouchy pain from that. Enter the yoga ball! I found a slightly lopsided therapy ball at the thrift store awhile back, and sitting on that immediately relieves the pain!! I seem to feel more pain in the evenings, and it often happens when I suddenly stand up from sitting. I'll get a Braxton-hicks contraction and simultaneously feel her head dig into my pelvic bone or something. However, I'm pretty sure she's got to be fairly uncomfortable at this point, so we'll just have to suffer together.

We finished childbirth classes this week, and I feel much better about understanding labor and delivery. Just the basics, of course, but that is hopefully going to be really helpful in keeping us from feeling totally stupid in the hospital! I liked how they showed us some different labor positions for dealing with the pain, and one of them involved a yoga/therapy ball like I'm already using so that was pretty neat. Who knows if it will actually help me then, but I like the idea of sitting on a bouncy ball.

On Saturday we went to a huge community garage sale in my sister's neighborhood and got a bunch of furniture and baby stuff! It was nice because all the baby things we bought or borrowed from people we know, so we know the history of each item. We got a crib, changing table, bouncy seat, little swing, play mat, carrier, and two HUGE bags of clothes! We also got a cradle to us "on loan" from my sister's friend. WOW. Oh, and a pub table and chairs for our living room and a push mower for our tiny front yard! It was great fun to go garage sale-ing, but it really took a toll on me. It was very difficult to be on my feet for very long, so Tory and I took my sister's golf cart around to look, and then Tory went back with the van to actually pick up the furniture. I kept having the "baby head in my pelvis" pain and would have to sit down a lot. And I was getting really out of breath! I'm sure I've said this before, but I'd SO rather deal with this than the constant nausea of the first five months!

My doctor said the baby is a good size for her age, and I'm finally at the point where if I went into labor he wouldn't stop me! So, while statistically I'm more likely to be overdue than go early, I guess I'm past the point of no return now. Sometime in the next 5-6 weeks . . .


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