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Week 36
~ Thanksgiving and the Baby Drop?

I'm starting to get a few days behind in my journal entries because of the Holidays, so forgive me as the weeks are starting to get muddled! We celebrated Thanksgiving this week, and it was amazing. I can remember clearly thinking in July that I would be throwing up FOREVER and I was certainly going to miss Thanksgiving dinner - my favorite dinner of the year! Thankfully, Thanksgiving was wonderful. I have so much extended family here right now that no one has to do too much work. My husband and I were in charge of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and stuffing. I made WAY too many mashed potatoes but the ones with cheese and bacon were a huge hit. The stuffing had much to be desired as it was from a box and thrown together at the last minute, but whatever.

I'm far enough along now that every time a special event comes up, I just keep thinking that the baby will be born that day and cause total chaos. I just want her to stay put till it's closer to Christmas . . . fortunately, she did not come on Thanksgiving!

Sometime after Thanksgiving there was a day where I had a lot of Braxton Hicks in the evening. My stomach was just really tight off and on for two hours at least, and it was tight most of that time. I started to get worried, and then the baby wasn't moving as much as she usually does (which is crazy active), so I was double worried! Eventually the tightness went away and I went to bed. The next day she moved some but not as much as usual, so I started to get even more worried. By that evening, I was crying because I didn't want anything to be wrong, and even though I could feel what for most women would be lots of movement--it just seemed different to me.

Enter the calm husband. We take turns being calm in each other's crises, so it was his turn. He said, "this is probably the baby dropping we learned about in childbirth classes," and he pointed out that my stomach was much lower. He asked how my heartburn was, and I said I hadn't felt really any in the last 24 hours. So it looks like the baby was dropping! I've had quite a few friends and family members tell me I look different and "lower," and I certainly feel that way. She's definitely not digging into my ribs like she was a few days ago! And my heartburn is still around a little but not nearly as much. Hopefully the doctor will confirm this "dropping" on Tuesday! Penelope (I said we were naming her that, right??) went back to being very active the next several days so that seems to be ok for now too.

Hanukkah SpockThe other amazing thing that happened this week is that a paper doll I made in my store was featured on this wacky website called, where they take weird or ridiculous items found on etsy and occasionally ebay and feature them. Generally this is a bad thing, you don't want to be featured, but occasionally an item they feature gets TONS of business. I had made Christmas versions of several of my paper dolls, and decided that my Spock paper doll needed to have a Hanukkah version done of him. There's not a lot of wacky but still inoffensive Hanukkah stuff, and I wanted to have fun. So I made one in the morning and put it in my etsy store. Apparently found it quickly and by that evening I had 11,000 views on my Hanukkah Spock! In the past three days, I've had around 200 paper doll orders from my store. AMAZING - this will pay for Christmas, and maybe a little more! And almost all the comments were ridiculously positive, fortunately people get my sense of kitsch humor!

So, I now am hoping Penelope stays healthy, active, and WAITS until I can get all these orders printed and sent. I'd hate to have to give a bunch of refunds because I'm in the hospital! Although, I'm sure when I see her, none of that will matter.


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