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Week 37
~ More 3rd Trimester Symptoms

Still getting my days mixed up a little bit - everything's starting to blur together in a massive paper doll business/holiday getting ready/baby coming fog. Because of the massive paper doll orders (which are finally starting to taper off!), I have to go out every day to the post office and often to buy more ink. So I have to get dressed every day, which keeps me from schlepping around in my pj's all the time.

Physically, I can really tell I'm in the end third trimester! I'm waddling in a BIG way, and I move so slowly now that I'm almost shuffling. My back is all weird because I can't sleep flat on it to sort of "straighten" things out, so my back has random spasms, my hips are all wacky, and my shuffle often is half limp . . . so I cut quite the pathetic figure at the grocery store or wal-mart!

I've been really lucky with swelling so far but am noticing either swelling in my hands and feet or numbness and tingling. Especially at night, where my arms fall asleep so easily! I have to keep changing positions just so my arm doesn't go numb. Don't worry, my blood pressure is just fine, it's just end of the pregnancy stuff.

I haven't talked about sex in awhile, so for those of you who don't want to know don't read! This pregnancy has really taken a toll on my sex life. It used to be so easy to enjoy sex . . . and things were working so well! But since the pregnancy, the nausea, the change in sensitivity to my "undercarriage," it's been difficult to really enjoy and therefore gear up for sex. We still manage to have SOME sex, don't get me wrong, but it has been very different, at least for me. Although recently I've been more in the mood, and feeling much better, so therefore the sex is much better too! (Even though it's kind of difficult to actually execute, thanks to my gigantic body.) Of course, now that I'm finally enjoying it more again, then the baby will be here and I'll have to adjust all over again! I'm hoping when the postpartum period is over, my body will find some sort of equilibrium and maybe we can actually not work so hard to have fun again. Thankfully my husband is awesome, but I'd really like a solid six month to a year period of some kind of "normal" married sex life, even though that will be some sort of new normal after the baby's born. And what about people who have a lot of kids quickly? Do they EVER have sex, except to conceive another kid? Can't help but wonder . . .

My husband had his birthday this week, and is now a mature man of 32. We had a HUGE board game party where 12 or so people came over and played board games from about three in the afternoon till almost two in the morning! It was a very long day for me, but I sucked it up and made sure that I didn't cause any drama, even at midnight when I was SO ready for people to go home. Tory rarely gets to have people over and play the board games he really loves, so I wanted to make sure he played every last board game he and his friends wanted to. And next year there will be a baby, so if we have a party, it will have to end a lot sooner, or I won't be able to be there for a lot of it. Ladies, remember to indulge your partners occasionally, even if it means taking one for the team!


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