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Week 39
~ Any Day Now?

Melissa and TorySo it's week 39, very glad to be here, and ready to be done! I am having false labor/Braxton-Hicks all the time still, but nothing that I can clearly say is a real contraction or anything that has a rhythm or timing to it. I'm getting more sore in general down there, so maybe that's a good sign things are stretching etc. My hips and back hurt more, but most of the time not too badly. It's really hard to change positions though! It seems like my hips and back settle into whatever position I'm in, and then have a really difficult time transitioning to the next position without a lot of pain/nerve pinching feelings and general clumsiness. And rolling over in the middle of the night is such a chore! It's also really really difficult to get out of bed in the morning, so I find myself sleeping in as long as I can to put it off!

Tory and MelissaI finally had a cervical exam this week. I was really worried there would be no development at all, and at first he said, "You don't seem to be dilated at all," and then he said, "Wait, you are 1 centimeter dilated and 40% effaced." The 1 centimeter is really nothing to be proud of, but I was glad to hear 40% effaced. I have nothing to compare it to but 40% sounds pretty good to me when I'm not even in labor! However, the exam was pretty painful (seems ridiculous to complain about when a baby will be coming out of there any day now), and I've had some light brownish spotting since then. They said it was normal, and I can feel some ouchiness in my vaginal canal so I know it's related, but it still freaks me out a little bit. Just first time pregnancy experiences!

MelissaI had several somewhat "down" days this week because I shut down my etsy store for the holidays and baby arrival, so I haven't had as much to do. It's been cloudy a lot here (in Arizona that's kind of rare), so it puts you in this mellow mood and it's hard for me to be motivated to get things done. Where is that "nesting" instinct when you need it? The most annoying thing is that all of my friends who got pregnant this year went 1 to 3 weeks early, and one of my friends was updating all of us on facebook this week on her delivery. She got pregnant after me, so that was exciting but somehow I felt cheated - weird, right? I KNOW I'm going to be the one with the 42 week pregnancy. I'm sure in a way that would be a blessing, but waiting is so hard!

On the flip side of that, though, the closer I get, the harder it is to imagine having a baby. A real baby that is mine and Tory's. It can really play tricks with your head, the closer you get to it. Whenever I feel super weirded out by the whole thing, I just think that if we weren't pregnant now we'd be trying to be, so this is what we really want.

Oh, I almost forgot that one of the teens in my sister's youth group took pregnancy photos of me and Tory this week, and they turned out great! He is just trying to get started with photography, so we went to my sister's mother-in-law's backyard and just took a bunch of photos. I'm super happy with the results!

You'll likely hear from me next week without a delivery story yet. Someday I'll have one.


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