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Week 40
~ Breaking it down

40 weeksI'm trying a different format this week, since I'm not sure what day the baby is arriving. I'm going to do a little blurb on what I did each day of the week.

Wednesday, Dec 22. - Had a tough time getting motivated to do anything, kept hoping labor would start. I'm having very light spotting and soreness from my cervical exam on Tuesday.

Thursday, Dec 23 - Went grocery shopping. Still having some soreness and very light brownish spotting from my cervical exam. In the evening I actually assembled and gave the breast pump a try. I guess it works, it was sucking my nipple in and out. My husband thought it was pretty funny!

Friday, Dec 24 - Yay Christmas! My family traditionally celebrates on Christmas Eve, although this year is a little different since my sister Lisa is in New York and can't come to Arizona until December 31st. Tory and I opened our presents to each other during the day, then we went to mass in the evening, and had a fabulous lasagna dinner at my mom and dad's! My grandmother lives with them and a great family friend came over, so we had an evening of games and awesome fun.

Saturday, Dec 25 -Spent hours playing games at my parents' house with my sister and brother-in-law. We all opened presents too of course! Some discomfort and Braxton hicks again, and the spotting is finally starting to slowly taper off from my cervical exam. Tory took paternity leave over the break, so he doesn't have to go back to work until mid to late January!

Sunday, Dec 26 - played games, made a big lunch, and hung out with Tory. Getting impatient but I'm really glad she wasn't born on Christmas eve or Christmas Day!

Monday, Dec 27 - multiple facebook messages asking me if I'm in labor etc. If it were only true! We also went to IKEA and bought two cute dressers for all the baby clothes. $49.99 each on sale - and they were pink!

Tuesday, Dec 28 - well, despite our best efforts, looks like she's not coming early. We even got a bit "frisky" last night, and I kept hoping I'd wake up in the middle of the night with contractions. During the day, we went to a local air field where my brother-in-law got to do some trick flying in a glider! It was great fun to watch, and we had a big birthday dinner for him afterward at a restaurant.

Since this is technically the end of the week, I'm ending it here and assuming I won't go into labor tonight! Either way, that will have to be next week's story . . .


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