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Week 5
~ Extreme Nausea Begins

Still trying to just get through each day emotionally was proving difficult. The previous week I had started to feel a little nauseated in the mornings, but I figured it was more a result of waking up every day in a panic waiting to see blood than actual morning sickness. Usually I felt fine by noon, so not too big of a deal. I've had acid reflux and IBS before, so often my entire digestive system is upset until around noon anyway!

That Thursday, however, took me to a whole new level of awful! I woke up with my usual nervousness but there was a horrendous feeling in my stomach. I started throwing up and could not stop! I threw up off and on for at least three hours, I think, sitting in the bathroom on the rug while my cats came in and out looking curiously at their mommy. When I finally felt like I could walk down the hall, I plopped on the couch and tried to sleep. I think I dozed off for a little bit. I've discovered over the years that if my stomach is upset, usually being half asleep sort of settles it a little. I don't think this helped much that day, however.

The next several days were the same story. LOTS of vomiting in the morning, and sometime around three in the afternoon I could start to keep liquid down and maybe even some applesauce. My husband was great, although I can't remember much of what he did. My mom ended up coming over every day because I couldn't get up to get water and such for myself without it triggering a wave of vomiting!

Usually you don't see the OB/GYN until week 8 or 9 in pregnancy, but I knew I couldn't make it that far! I had an appointment for May 14, but it was April 20 something and I felt like I was dying! I called the doctor's office and they were able to bump my appointment up significantly, but it was still going to be nearly a week. A WEEK? It might as well have been a year.


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