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Week 6
~ Waiting for the Doctor's Help

With the nausea increasing, I was having trouble sleeping. I was only getting 4 hours of sleep a day/night at best! My anxiety was reaching new highs, and I found that if I stayed up all night and was anxious, my nausea seemed to be a little better. It wasn't a great trade off, because anxiety makes you feel like you can't hold still and you're going to burst out of your own skin! I remember pacing around the house, gagging and not being able to sit down for more than a few minutes at a time. Tory was so loving and was obviously worried about me, and one morning he tried to read me some of my favorite children's books to calm me down. I'm not sure that it helped, but I tried to sit still because he was being so sweet and it was wonderful to watch him try to make me feel better!

When I realized I was basically going crazy, I tried to call my OB/GYN and ask him if I could move my appointment up or do something for my anxiety. I told him I'd been on a low dose of an anti-anxiety medication for around 10 years but had stopped it because I wanted to try and not take it while pregnant. He said he recommended starting taking it again, but since he had not seen me yet he was unable to write a prescription if I was out of meds. I went to the bathroom to find my old bottle, and there was one pill left, and the prescription had expired! AND it was the weekend.

I had a stroke of genius and started looking for urgent care centers in our little town. Fortunately, there was one close by, and it was open. I went, very nervous because I wasn't sure that some doctor I'd never seen would give me an anti-anxiety med prescription while I was actively pregnant and he wasn't my OB/GYN. It was a long wait, and I was terrified I'd start puking uncontrollably in the lobby. Fortunately, I made it through AND the doctor was nice and understood! I left with a prescription of my medicine that would get me through until my OB/GYN could prescribe one for himself. Just knowing I had something to help me get through the next week really helped!


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