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Week 8
~ Life with Meds and Cats

The anxiety meds had finally started to kick in, and when I felt upset I would just look at that ultrasound photo of our little baby blob and it would help a lot! I was still staring at my urine stream every time I'd pee and was still worried about miscarrying. Having hope for the first time was awesome, but it was also scary because now I was worried about being let down and losing that little hope.

The suppositories were actually pretty easy to put in, so that was a relief. I could take them every 4 hours and pretty much did! I started to notice that the need to just compulsively throw up nothing was starting to die down a little, but my dreams of going back to normal with the meds were somewhat shattered when I realized that even on the meds I still felt too nauseous to do anything but sit on the couch and try to choke down food!

The sum total of what I could eat was basically: applesauce, peaches, vanilla wafers, cottage cheese (sometimes), and smoothies. The worst was feeling painfully hungry in between the waves of awful nausea. The SMELLS of everything seemed terrible! I knew I wasn't drinking enough as my lips were really chapped but was doing the best I could! I still threw up quite a bit, but at least I could keep liquids down. Often after 3 in the afternoon I'd start to feel better enough to eat more solid foods, but not much.

CookiedoughOne of my great comforts while sick besides my husband and mom was my cat, Cookiedough! He's the sweetest thing and would follow me around nearly everywhere. When I was on the couch, he was nearby. I doubt he wanted to make me feel better, he was doing it for his own personal happiness, but it made me SO happy to look over and see his furry little body within arm's reach and his happy pulsating paws when I'd pet him. My newest cat, Little Mac, has also been quite interested in being near me a lot. Our third cat, Starbuck, is quite aloof and usually sleeps somewhere far away. Two cats to comfort me are enough!


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