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Birth Story
~ Meet McKenna

McKennaMcKenna arrived on Sunday, September 12, 2010, weighing 6 lbs 13 oz, 19 inches long!

Oh what a nightmare week leading up to McKenna's arrival. After my Friday night visit to Labor and Delivery, my husband stuck around home to see if things were going to be ok; he had been working out of town. He started not feeling well a few days before that so it was better for him to be home as well. We had a pretty lazy weekend besides another football game of Aj's.

By Monday, which was Labor Day, Jay was not improving at all. He was very sick. We decided to take him to the ER. They gave him some fluids, and he had to have some cultures done. I won't go in to too much detail but he had not left the bathroom much at all for almost a week, and we were very concerned. They sent him home and told us they would call back with results from tests and any other tests they wanted to run.

I went to yet another NST on Tuesday and the baby looked good. Then Jay called the ER to see if they had results. They called him back and told him they had no results yet except that his blood counts looked ok. They recommended that he get a colonoscopy to rule out colon cancer. He was shocked and so was I. Here I was about to have another baby and he could have cancer and be leaving me a widow to raise four kids. It was very emotional for both of us. They scheduled it for Monday, the 13th. I went to my regular doctor appointment on Wednesday and he informed me that he was more comfortable with the Oct 13th due date. So once again I was on that schedule. I was so stressed and overwhelmed, and frustrated. I was still a 4, which probably wasn't a bad thing. Jay was slowly but surely improving and we were trying to stay positive.

McKennaFriday I took the kids to school and then Jay and I went to get some breakfast. After we got home I felt like I was possibly leaking fluid. So we went to get checked and they claimed I was not, so back home we went. Another Saturday came and guess what we did. That's right we had a football game to go to!! It was fun, but they didn't win this time so Aj was pretty upset. We went to dinner as a family and then I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up some things for Jay. He had to have a special diet the day before his procedure so we arranged for his parents to take the kids Sunday and him and I would stay home and relax.

After Wal-Mart I did not feel well at all. I had a lot of back pain and cramping, with a few contractions. I went to bed at 10. By 12:30 I was running a fever, so I decided to take a bath and see if that would help any of my pains I was having. By 2:30am I was in so much pain and I knew I had a pretty high fever. Jay still wasn't feeling that well and so I told him I would just run up to the hospital and see if they could help me. I got there and sure enough I had a bad fever and lots of pain. The nurse called my doctor and he came right in. Before he got there they had already moved me to a room but the nurse would not give me a straight answer of what was happening. He asked me about my pains and after I told him about the last 6 hours he told the nurse they needed to induce me because he felt like I had a condition called Chorioamnionitis. From what I understood it is an infection in the amniotic fluid and can cause sepsis for the mom and baby. So I called Jay and he headed up so we could have a baby.

They started pitocin at about 6 am, and my labor progressed pretty slowly for me. My past two babies have come very fast. When he broke my water they were pretty sure that it wasn't Chorio that they were dealing with but since I still had a fever they didn't know what it was. My white blood count was also abnormal. Finally at 2:27pm McKenna made her debut. She had a few breathing troubles, and they immediately began antibiotics to treat what ever she may have. They decided that since she was only 35 weeks and 4 days based on my October 13th due date, and the fact she was having some breathing problems they would admit her to the NICU. All her blood cultures came back negative and her breathing improved completely by the next day.

McKennaMom however, was not doing so well. They were still giving me two different antibiotics and I was still having fevers. Since we had the baby Jay cancelled his procedure and was going to just reschedule. They decided to do some blood cultures on me. On Tuesday Jay received a letter from the Health Department asking him to call them and give them information on his recent Salmonella outbreak. This was the first we had heard that he had Salmonella; the ER never called and told us that was what he had. All I had done that whole week was clean up after him, was that what I had too? We figured out that he had gotten it out of town, so there was no way I got it from him. Wrong, 3 days later my cultures came back and I had it in my blood, which causes sepsis. I was in the hospital until Friday, and McKenna was there until Monday. We are currently working with the hospital to find out why Jay wasn't told about his outbreak. There would have been so much that could have been prevented or addressed differently. We are very glad that everyone is doing better and that our beautiful daughter is here and she is healthy.

I have really enjoyed writing weekly. It has been a crazy pregnancy but we couldn't have asked for a better completion to our family. Thank you to all who have followed me through my journey, I hope for the best in all of your pregnancies!!!


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