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Melica's Pregnancy Journal
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Melica's pregnancy journal.

Melica (28), and her husband, Jay, have three sons: Aj (8), Brayden (5), and Kaden, born in May 2009. To their surprise and excitement, baby #4 was on the way. McKenna was born at 35 weeks, 5 days on September 12, 2010 weighing in at 6 lbs, 13 oz.

Join Melica as she takes us through her pregnancy week by week.

Melica's Journal Entries

Meet Melica

Week 8
Too Eventful

Week 9
New Doctor

Week 10
Boring Week

Week 11
A Little Small

Week 12
I Can Finally Breathe

Week 13
Good Week

Week 14
Same Old Stuff

Week 15
Another Year Older

Week 16
It Can't Possibly Last Much Longer, Right?

Week 17
Can You Please Check Again?

Week 18
Just One of Those Weeks

Week 19
It's a . . .

Week 20
School's Out

Week 22
What a Week

Week 23
Let's NOT Repeat this Week

Week 24
Relief Week

Week 25
Already Week 25??

Week 26
Close Call

Week 27
Last Trimester Coming Up

Week 28
Boring Week

Week 29
Didn't Pass

Week 30
Gestational Diabetes

Week 31
These Are Way too High

Week 32
More Appointments

Week 33
Not Enough Improvement

Week 34/35
Sooner than Later

Birth Story
Meet McKenna

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