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Week 12
~ I Can Finally Breathe

I have spent this past week with a spring cold. It started with my husband and then I was lucky enough to get it. Kaden got a little cold, but not too bad, and the other two were able to dodge it hopefully. I know part of it is due to this crazy weather we have. Some days it will be sunny and around 60, then the next day it is 40 and raining almost snowing, so you never know what the day will bring.

I'm writing this week about the beginning of my 12th week. We go to the doctor tomorrow and I知 sure the ultrasound will say around 11 and half weeks, so we are a little behind. My pain has increased some with my cyst so I知 curious to see if it has increased and what she will want to do.

I already feel like I知 starting to poke out and my husband says I知 being silly. Then I try to have him explain how only one pair of my pants still fit!! Oh well they say with each one you start showing a little sooner and that has been true for me. I still feel nauseated for most of the day and food just never sounds good. Maybe by my next entry it will have eased up a little. I知 really looking forward to the second trimester so I can get some energy back and hopefully feel a little bit like myself again. I will post an ultrasound picture next time.

I hope everyone has a great week!!!

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