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Melica's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ Good Week

It was a pretty good week. I had my doctorís appointment on Wednesday and the baby has grown very well. The cyst has stayed the same size so my midwife was glad. However, I go back in three weeks and if it is still the same size, she would like to drain it. She is just glad we were able to get through the first trimester without having to do anything about it.

It was neat to see how much difference two weeks makes. The baby was flipping around and moving all over; it was fun to see!! Iíve also noticed that my nausea is starting to ease up a little which is very nice. Iím looking forward to the grand exit and hope to gain some energy back. Iím not too happy about my clothes situation, though. Most of them are already getting too tight and itís about time to pull out the maternity clothes. With my first one I was able to wear regular clothes until I was 20 weeks. With my second, he was so high I actually wore my regular pants the whole time and with my last one I made it to about 15 weeks. So I guess itís true that you show earlier the more you have.

We took the kids on a quick trip out of town on Sunday until Tuesday. We went up into Idaho and then over into Nevada. It was a lot of fun to just get away from all the crazy day to day stuff.

Kaden has also been walking all over the place. He is getting so big and has been so fun to watch grow up, and my other boys are so cute with him!!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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