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Week 14
~ Same Old Stuff

I hope everyone has had a good week. It has been a pretty slow week for us. We celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary yesterday. It's so funny how when you are a kid you think everything is going to be so romantic like the movies. Well, when you have kids, it's not always that way. My son had Hunter's safety class and so I took my five year old to the Jazz game. My husband and I did go to lunch and a movie and that was really fun!

As far as this little baby goes, my nausea is still here but it is improving and my clothes just get tighter and tighter. The heartburn and headaches have started to get pretty frequent but I guess that's all part of it though. I keep thinking I feel little "flutters" but I'm sure by my next post I will have had some definite ones. I always feel babies really early, which is so neat because it makes it more real.

I go to my midwife again next Wednesday so I won't be posting that next entry, but it will be the one after that. I'm hoping she won't want to do anything about the cyst, but at the same time, it does cause quite a bit of pain, so I'm torn.

On a non-baby note, I celebrate my 29th birthday on the eighth of this month. If someone would have told me I would have four kids before I'm 30, I would have told you that you were crazy, but here we are! I have to admit, that I was not looking forward to going through it all again at first but the farther along I get the more excited I become. I'm trying to not get too anxious about finding out what we are having but I can't help myself; I'm counting the days until we know for sure.

Have a great week everyone!

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