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Melica's Pregnancy Journal

Week 15
~ Another Year Older

I hope everyone has had a great week. I turned 29 this past week and, of course, it was just like any other day! You know how it gets when you are the mom; birthdays just don't matter that much anymore. That's perfectly fine with me though. My boys did help Dad make a cake and that was lots of fun.

I have this major pet peeve. It's snoring. When I was growing up and we went on family vacations, I never got any sleep because my Dad snored so badly!! My husband rarely does and he always stops if I ask him to roll over. With my last pregnancy my husband informed me that I had started snoring and I was mortified. How could I possibly do something that is so annoying! After I had Kaden it went away, of course, but my poor husband spent many nights sleeping on the couch because he couldn't sleep otherwise. This past week, my snoring is back. It doesn't matter what position I'm in or how many pillows, there is no stopping it once it starts! So far Jay has only had to go sleep on the couch twice but I'm not even half done and it gets worse the bigger I get!

I also went to the doctor and the baby is growing well. She wasn't able to tell what we are having yet but I go back in three weeks, and we'll find out then. It will be nice to know if we have to buy new clothes or if we are just washing Kaden's small ones. I'm planning on a boy, but it sure would be fun to have a little girl.

I hope everyone has a good week,

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