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Melica's Pregnancy Journal

Week 16
~ It Can't Possibly Last Much Longer, Right?

This week seems like it is lasting forever. I have felt so awful all week. I feel more like I'm at the end of my pregnancy or right at the beginning. I have no energy at all and I still feel so sick to my stomach. I have heard that some people are sick the whole nine months and I'm hoping I'm not going to be one of them. It sure feels that way right now.

I'm 16 weeks, I go to the doctor again in less than a week and I'm starting to get excited. We have talked about maybe not finding out, but the closer it gets, the more curious and excited I become. I have been feeling more movement, and I'm starting to show quite a bit, so it is definitely becoming more real!

I'm going to have my sister do my hair this weekend. When I was growing up my hair was quite blond and then it darkened as I got older. Well it seems with every pregnancy it gets darker and darker, so it makes it very hard to put a bunch of blond highlights in it because a couple weeks later those fun dark roots come back, not to mention I got my Dad's early grey hair gene so I have a bit of that to cover too!! So I think I'm going to go just darker for awhile and see if it's easier to maintain. I'm also thinking of cutting some of it off, so if I do I will post pictures!

My Kaden will turn one at the end of next week. I can't believe it has already been a year. He is so busy and into everything, he has the cutest smile and is so happy all the time! My other two boys are such big helpers and are growing up so much.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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