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Week 18
~ Just One of Those Weeks

Sometimes, I feel like I'm on autopilot. At least it seems that way when you do the same thing over and over each day. I guess I should be grateful for boring. Boring usually means everyone is safe and healthy. Our weather here has been rainy all week and of course we are supposed to be having baseball. Aj is playing machine pitch this year and Brayden plays t-ball. Brayden plays on Monday and Wednesday nights, and Aj plays on Tuesday and Thursday nights. So we are usually super busy, but with the rain, they won't let them play.

School is getting close to the end for Aj and I'm really looking forward to having a quiet summer with not too much going on. Then next year Brayden will go to Kindergarten so I will be going to the school three times a day! He is so ready and is excited. I don't know if I'm as excited. He was the baby for so long and he has been such a great help this past year with Kaden. I cried when I sent Aj to Kindergarten and I'm sure sending Brayden will be no different.

My nausea is finally getting under control but I'm still super tired all the time, and this darn heartburn is pretty rough. I'm just glad I have a great husband who is so helpful and forgiving when not much gets done around the house! I feel really big already but my mother-in-law informed me yesterday that it's all in my head. She told me that I only have a belly and not a fat face so that means I'm not that big. It did make me feel better though!

My sister-in-law is serving in the Army and is coming home this weekend for a couple weeks. It will be nice to see her; she hasn't been home since October. I'm hoping some day we can go visit her since she is stationed in Hawaii. Rough I know!

I hope everyone is doing well and has a great week!

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