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Week 22
~ What a Week

What a busy week I had! We went to a Family Reunion on Thursday night until Sunday and so I spent the whole week getting everyone ready. We didn't have to go far; it was about three hours from where we live. We had a great time though. It's always so fun to see family and see everyone's kids, and what everyone has been up to. It is my Dad's family and they do a big reunion every other year.

We went to Big Rock Candy Mountain Friday, and then we had a big dinner Friday night and just visited with everyone. Then Saturday we tie dyed shirts and played with the kids at the park and that afternoon my Aunt had some interesting things set up at the Cemetery so we could learn about our ancestors. We learned some very neat things about our family. Then we had games set up for the kids and as soon as we got done with the games it started pouring rain. We were so glad we had finished up everything first. After another big dinner Saturday night, my Aunt Penny had made a video with pictures of everyone and we watched that, said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. It was a lot of fun, but it is hard to be gone with kids. Kaden was so tired, he didn't sleep very well all weekend.

I'm definitely feeling the weekend as well. I'm so tired and I have no desire to get things back to normal. All I want to do is sleep!! Miss McKenna is quite the little mover and she gets busier and busier every day. My heartburn has increased a ton as well. I still haven't heard from my doctor's office about my shots so I'm going to call them tomorrow. As much as I don't want to take them, I'm hoping it will help because I'm still feeling a lot of pressure and lots of lower back pain, and I really don't want her to come too early.

Have a fabulous week,

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