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Week 24
~ Relief Week

For some reason, every time I am pregnant, I always feel such a relief once I make it to 24 weeks. When I was in high school a lady in our neighborhood had her baby at 24 weeks and he was so tiny and in the hospital for so long but has had no complications and was just fine. So I think that is why I consider 24 weeks a good mile stone.

I'm also rethinking my bitterness towards the cool weather. It has been so hot, but my kids love it and we did make it to the pool this week, which was fun. Kaden gets a little braver every time. We start swimming lessons next week which will be really fun.

McKenna has been moving quite a bit and my belly has helped with some sympathy tips at work, which money is always nice!!! My heartburn is getting out of control and I can't sleep through the night without having to take something for it. I feel bad because my husband has had to work so early and I wake him up. It's funny how being a dad for so long now has made him a lighter sleeper. When we had Aj, there was nothing that would wake him up, then pretty much the same with Brayden, but by the time we had Kaden, he sleeps almost as light as I do, poor guy!

I go to the doctor next week and I'm guessing I will be doing the glucose test very soon. I didn't have diabetes with Kaden but I did with Brayden and I have been feeling a few symptoms so I am a little nervous.

Also, my Mom is coming up so I'm hoping to do a little shopping for the baby. One of my co-workers gave me an adorable blanket for her; it is so fun to get pink things!

Not much else to report so I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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