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Melica's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27
~ Last Trimester Coming Up

It's hard to believe that this week will end the second trimester for this pregnancy. As the heat has been completely unmerciful, I can't help but think that this pregnancy really has gone pretty fast.

Only one more month and they will be back in school. I'm a little nervous for my Brayden to go to Kindergarten. He was the baby for so long, and he is definitely my timid child. I'm sure he'll do just fine; it will probably be mom that has the hard time!!!

Next week is the dreaded Glucose test, but I get to see my sweet little girl again on an ultrasound so that will be worth it. The boys and I made her a cute blanket made out of Disney Princess fleece. It will keep her nice and warm. I also bought her a couple headbands that are really cute. We are so far from being ready though. Every time I start having contractions, I panic because I know she would be so little, and we are just not ready yet. She is pretty active though, not nearly as busy as my boys were, so I almost get nervous sometimes. She must know when I feel that way, because it seems like just minutes later, she reminds me that she is there and ok.

I have had horrible heartburn that doesn't seem to be tamed so I will be chatting with the doctor about that. Hopefully the old wives tale about heartburn will be true. It has been with my other 3.

Have a wonderful week!

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