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Week 30
~ Gestational Diabetes

WeddingI got the results back from the three hour test, and it showed that I do have gestational diabetes. I have a glucose monitor now and I have to check my sugars four times a day. I check it in the morning when I first wake up, and then once one hour after each meal. They want them to be under 100 in the morning and then under 130 after meals. I have been tracking them all week and so far I have only had a couple fasting ones that were ok and one after meal that was ok.

I went and saw my doctor again and the baby looks really good still. She is still a girl! She is growing very well and so far we can't see any complications from the gestational diabetes. She has me scheduled to see a dietitian next week and then she is also having me go to a perinatalogist the next week for a non-stress test and ultrasound. She said I will probably see them weekly until I deliver. I will see her again in two weeks. So I'm really trying to be careful and refrain from sweets and too many carbs but I'm just so hungry and thirsty all the time, so I'm hoping I can get some good tips from the dietitian.

My husband's brother got married this past weekend so I thought I would post a picture of us. I feel enormous and it was so hot but we survived!

Thanks to everyone who has followed my journal; it has been so much fun so far. I'm glad I have been able to share my experiences with you and hope that it has helped especially if we have had similar complications!

Have a wonderful week,

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