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Week 32
~ More Appointments

This week was fairly busy. I went to visit with a dietician to get some ideas on lowering my sugars. She was pretty helpful. It was short and sweet but she gave me some papers to review.

I had two appointments on Friday, first with Perinatalogy. They are so nice in there. They did an ultrasound and measured the amniotic fluid and the baby is growing well, but not too big, which is a relief. The fluid was ok as well. The doctor changed my dose on my Diabetic medicine to two in the morning and one with dinner. They haven't seemed to improve much and he warned me that when I come back Friday, if they haven't improved, he will be switching me to insulin. I'm very frustrated because it seems like when I eat the exact things on the diabetic list that is when my sugars are the highest. So I'm basically planning on getting switched to insulin. They also did a non-stress test, and I now have to go twice a week for those up until I deliver.

Later that same day I went to see my doctor. She just measured the baby and listened and we talked more about my diabetes. She wants me to come back in a week and a half, and see her as well as her partner. They will discuss with me what the best options will be from then on. She sounded as though an induction was possible. I have been contracting a lot so I'm not too sure how much longer I'm going to make it. I guess we will just take it day by day.

As far as other things go, my oldest boy AJ had his first football game this week. He played very well. They have him play offense and defense which is really fun because he is in almost the whole game. He loves it and listens to his coaches so well, and is so easy to teach. He starts school next week and then Brayden the week after. We are pretty busy around here!!!

Have a great week,

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