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Week 33
~ Not Enough Improvement

Oh what a week, I'm really getting exhausted from all the chasing around I have to do. I went to my first NST of the week on Tuesday, and Miss McKenna took almost an hour to pass. She did not want to move around; she just wanted to sleep. She finally passed though.

We spent the rest of that day doing some last minute school shopping. We weren't the only ones at Wal-Mart the night before school getting supplies! Aj started school on Wednesday, and seems to like it. He is a very good student and has a lot of friends so school has been pretty easy for him so far.

Friday came and so off to another NST I go. When I go to my Friday appointment, I always have to take my sugars for the week so they can adjust my medicine. I had been doing exactly what I was told, and they were still crazy. They are such a roller coaster sometimes, I'm bottoming out, and other times they are sky high. The doctor felt like it was time for insulin. I have to give myself two different kinds twice a day. The needles are very small and I just inject it into my leg, so it's not too bad. The baby did very well at that appointment though, so that was good.

Aj also won another football game, so if you ask him they are 2-0! He is having a lot of fun, and it has been a lot of fun to watch as well. I was a little nervous at first, but it really has been a good experience.

I've still been having a lot of contractions so I'm pretty sure we won't be having an October baby. If we can get to the middle of September, that would be great!

Next week my Brayden starts Kindergarten, so that will be exciting, plus I will have more doctor appointments to report on of course!

Have a great week!

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