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Week 34/35
~ Sooner than Later

As much as I am ready for this pregnancy to be over, I know it causes more problems if it ends too soon. The insulin so far has helped my sugars a lot, and I have actually felt better as far as that goes. The contractions have been crazy and they just seem almost constant. I went to my NST on Tuesday and the baby looked great. I was registering a bunch of contractions so the nurse kept me on there extra long and then the doctor told her to check me before they sent me home. With my pre-term labor history with Kaden, they get a little nervous. I was dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced. I was shocked; I figured I wouldn't be dilated at all. They sent me home with strict instructions to come back up if anything got worse.

I went to my regular OB appt. the next day and was still a 3. But I got bad news. Since I'm considered High Risk with Insulin controlled Gestational Diabetes, I can no longer see my midwife. I have to see her partner. He's really nice but I really didn't want to switch doctors this late in the game. He assured me that he would read up on my conditions, and we could have a good visit next week.

Friday came and I had been nesting for the past couple days, getting quite a bit done. But that just increased my contractions. I really don't want to go all the way to the hospital to get sent home, but at the same time I don't want to have my baby at home either! I went to my NST and they had to adjust my insulin a little and of course my contractions were crazy. They didn't check me this time but I'm thinking it won't hurt to pay a little visit to Labor and Delivery just to be safe! So Friday night, off to Labor and Delivery we go. My contractions are strong and consistent. I get checked, and I'm the same as I was in the office. The contractions get worse so they watch me longer and give me a terbutaline shot, which is supposed to help stop contractions. My contractions ignored the shot and just kept right on going. The nurse checked me again and she felt like I had changed so they decided to admit me overnight and see how things went. I still kept on contracting but my cervix didn't change anymore. So here I sit at a 4. The Doctor came in and saw me; since I'm basically a new patient to him we had a good talk and both decided I could go home.

I returned the next night, but once again no change in my cervix. It's very frustrating to be in this much pain and discomfort and nothing happens. After he went through all my ultrasounds and my paperwork, he confirmed that my due date is actually October 4th. This means I will actually be 36 weeks next week, not 35. This is better for the baby since she is trying to come. So I will call this entry my 34th and 35th weeks. I'm guessing we won't get too much farther but you never know!

Have a great week,

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