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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Melissa's pregnancy journal.

Melissa, 23, and her husband Chris, 24, were married in January 2006. Although Melissa's pregnancy was a surprise, they are very excited to be expecting their first baby around July 25, 2006.

Join Melissa as she takes us through her first pregnancy week by week to the birth of her daughter on July 19, 2006.

Melissa's Journal Entries

Meet Melissa

Weeks 6-10
Finding Out

Weeks 11-14
Our Wedding Day

Weeks 15-18
I'm Pregnant!?

Weeks 19-22
Boy or Girl?

Weeks 23-25
The Bug

Week 26
Feeling Big

Week 27
The third trimester, already!

Week 28
Thinking about Labor

Week 29

Week 30
A little Uncomfortable

Weeks 31 & 32
What Happened to My Self Esteem?

Week 33

Weeks 34 & 35
Almost there!

Week 36
The Daycare Issue

Week 37
City Life and Dilation

Week 38
Pregnancy Cast

Birth Story
Meet Evelyn Charlotte, born July 19, 2006, 6 lbs. 6oz.

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