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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal

Birth Story!
~ Meet Evelyn Charlotte, born July 19, 2006, 6 lbs. 6 oz.

Melissa, Chris and EvieFirst of all, thank you to all of the readers who wrote to congratulate our family. We are so happy to have Evelyn finally with us. Our computer was down and out since this past weekend and I am just now getting back into the swing of things now that it has been fixed.

A part of me is sad that this will be my last entry and that I'm no longer pregnant. I know I know, I can't believe I am saying that either. As soon as I had Evelyn I couldn't remember what it felt like to be pregnant, although I know after reading my entries that I was miserable. But, as I write my little one is sleeping on my lap and I know it was all worth it.

So, for our birth story! On Tuesday the 18th Chris and I had dinner at my Mom and Dad's. I had long given up trying to make labor happen. We went for a swim in the pool and ate hot dogs and hamburgers. On the way home at 8PM I had some mild Braxton Hicks, and I thought to myself "Could it be?" But I quickly thought that away.

I was woken up by the contractions again at 1:30 AM. I didn't want to get my hopes up so I didn't get out of bed but started timing them in my head. By 3:30 AM I had woken Chris up and said "I wouldn't plan on going to work today honey." I called my midwife. They were 3-5 minutes apart and I wasn't able to talk through them. My poor midwife was so tired I felt so bad for waking her up but I knew these weren't the same. She recommended we go to the hospital. We drove the 10 minute drive to the hospital and once I had been hooked up to the monitor the nurse checked me. I was still only 1 cm dilated. In my head I was screaming "No No! These are different contractions!" She started unhooking me from the monitor right away and going on and on about how it could be another two to three weeks. Meanwhile I am still in pain with each contraction. I wanted to cry. Chris and I drove home exhausted and disappointed.

We were home by about 5AM and Chris went back to bed; I told him that he was NOT going to work in case we ended up going back to the hospital. I tried to sleep in the bed but I was in so much pain that I took a bath. I was so tired that I was sleeping in the tub and the contractions were waking me up. By 10 AM I was yelling with each contraction. I can remember screaming "I need help I need help!" Chris was so nervous I felt horrible. I felt like I had to push with the contractions so I ran to the bathroom and realized I had lost my mucus plug. At this point there was no question in my mind that I was in full blown labor. " Chris, we are going to the hospital and they CAN'T SEND US HOME!"

Baby EvelynIn the car I begged Chris not to go over the bumps and by the time we got to the hospital I was trying to control the urge to push. We drove up to the emergency drop off and no one would help Chris get a wheelchair. I'm not sure what time we got upstairs it must have been around 10:30 that they admitted us and when they checked me I was 8 cm. They wouldn't let Chris leave the room to get our bag (thank goodness) but he called my Mom and Dad's cell phone. My mom was on her way. They had me go into the tub and checked me again; this time I was already at 10cm. I was yelling for an epidural and telling Chris that I needed my Mother there. They couldn't give me an epidural because I was already so far along. I got out of the tub and we started pushing. My mom arrived just in time.

I heard the midwife mention that this was really special and she called for the other midwives to come down. Apparently Evelyn was being born IN her bag of waters. One of the nurses got a mirror and tried to show me but I couldn't see. I feel bad but I think I might have yelled at her to put it away, I can't remember. I pushed for a total of about 15 minutes and the midwife asked me to reach down and feel my daughter. I lifted her onto my belly and said "Is this really coming out of me?!" I also yelled to Chris "They are tearing me open!!!" But they weren't. I didn't need any stitches but I was still in pain for a few days after. Evelyn was born at 11:42, only an hour or so after we were admitted to the hospital. She nursed right away and only had to leave my side once to be put under the warmer for a few minutes.

I'll be honest, the first few days after were really hard. My milk didn't come in until that Friday and Evelyn wanted to nurse 24/7 to get what she could. Although I didn't tear, trying to go to the bathroom hurt more than the birth. I was also cracked and blistered from nursing so much. We are still trying to adjust to sleeping and eating patterns but overall she is a happy baby and it is getting easier.

EvieI have started going to a weekly mom's group that meets at the hospital and I've gotten some great advice on things from runny noses to reflux. Chris is still doing all of the housework. He is working overtime so we can stay home for now and then he comes home and cooks for us. I know this will get a bit easier as she gets older. My advice for first time moms to be? Get three weeks of frozen meals in the freezer, don't pass up help, have someone watch the baby if she is content and take a nap!

We are both so in love with her and feel like the luckiest people alive to have such a beautiful daughter. I really am so blessed to have my family. Thank you to my family and friends for all your support, all the meals, and all of your love and well wishes to Evelyn. Thanks for reading and maybe I'll see you in a year or two with baby #2! . . .?

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