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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 6 - 10
~ Finding Out

Chris and I were nervous and excited when we found out about the baby. I had been having cramps for about two weeks, so I thought my period was coming, but in the back of my mind I knew it was a possibility. I bought an over the counter test and as I saw the two pink lines appear on a pregnancy test I was shaking, "Honey!!" Chris immediately wanted me to go buy another test. "It is a bad one! You got it at Market Basket! There must be more accurate ones out there!" I assured him that they all tested for the same thing, and that I'd get a doctor's appointment for that Monday.

Having just signed on to my companies' insurance policy I was seeing a new doctor at a new practice for the first time. The nurses were not that friendly and they had to take my blood to run the screening tests. I warned them that I had been told my veins were really small and that they usually use an infant needle or take the blood from my knuckle. The nurse didn't believe me. It took her three jabs and forty five minutes to fill the tiny little bottles. To say the least I was not feeling well and I was a little overwhelmed. As I was leaving they asked "Who do you want to deliver the baby?" Deliver the baby?! I had just found out I was pregnant and I was supposed to know all of the doctors that delivered in the practice? In the end I decided to go with my Midwife that I had seen through high school. I haven't been back to that practice since!

After the appointment I was scared . . . what would my parents say, they'd be so disappointed. What about our wedding?! We were planning our wedding for July 1st, 2006, and we now were expecting in July. As I sat in my car I looked in my rear view mirror, I noticed a van parked behind me, completely blocking me. Then Chris appeared, nervously tapping at my window. He had tried calling my cell phone, and when I didn't answer he drove around looking for the office where I was. "You're going to be a Pappa" I said to him, he smiled and gave me a kiss. I could tell he was happy but also nervous. I knew he was relieved to finally know for sure.

I was shaking when I called my Mom. She asked if she should sit down, I said yes. "What is it, what is it? She said, are you pregnant . . . ?" (Her usual question when I call her worried) "Well . . ." We talked for awhile, she was happy but also worried. What would we do about the wedding? I told her I'd start calling our vendors to see if they could change the date.

So, for the first part of my pregnancy I really was trying to focus on the wedding. When I went to see my midwife they were a bit unsure about my due date and how far along I was. Originally they gave me due date of July 6th, but then moved it up to July 25th, so we'll see what happens!

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