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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 11 - 14
~ Our Wedding Day

Wedding dayAfter all of the quick wedding planning, our big day finally came. Since high school it seems I have been obsessed with weddings, reading all of the Brides and Martha Stewart Weddings magazines I could get my hands on. So, for the most part it was really a matter of getting everything finalized. My mother and I made the invitations, place cards, and pretty much anything we could by ourselves. Our colors were a champagne pink and ivory. I had already had my wedding dress picked out so it was just a matter of making sure I still fit into it! Thankfully, I didn't have my belly yet so there wasn't much to worry about. My dress was really my dream dress, an off white couture, strapless with lace tiers. I had also really wanted light pink peonies and ivory roses but peonies in January are hard to come by in New Hampshire, so we had them shipped in from California.

On the day of the wedding, it was a little damp to begin with but very mild (mid 50's to 60s!) which turned out to be very nice! Chris was so nervous and so handsome as I walked down the aisle. The church was gorgeous with all of the flowers and greenery my mother had done. The reception was held at an Inn close by and it all just happened so fast.

Wedding DayThe only thing I'll look back and say "oops!" about had to do with our little one. Unfortunately for me, some morning sickness had set in a week before. Halfway through a video of Chris and I as kids that my parents had surprised us with at the reception, I knew I was going to get sick. I knew I wouldn't make it across the hall through the crowd of people, so I smiled, turned to Chris and said "I'm going to get sick" and walked to one of the porches close by. Thankfully I think (I hope!) I was discreet enough that no one noticed. I was still able to enjoy myself at the wedding, just not able to eat as much as I had wanted!

On the way to our hotel on the seacoast that night, I made Chris pull over a few times because I felt so sick. "I can't breathe! The dress is too tight! Untie me!" Poor Chris had to figure out the laces on my dress that took my mother and sister a half an hour to lace up. I should have changed!

Looking back I wouldn't have wanted our wedding any different. Everything seemed so perfect and I am so glad that our little one was with us on our special day.

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