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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 15 - 18
~ I'm Pregnant!?

I'm at work and just felt the little one moving. I've been wanting to write a journal but felt like eventually something would go wrong and I'd regret it. Something so wonderfully is really happening to me? Is it going to last?

Yesterday, I had a few scares with what felt like contractions; they were coming every 5-10 minutes, but the Midwife reassured me that I might just be dehydrated or that it could be growth pains. They seem to be better so I am hoping everything is ok.

I think I am now just starting to really feel pregnant. I keep telling Chris it feels like there is a balloon or something in me, and it is getting increasingly harder to bend down, like tying my shoes, or even looking underneath the bed for Maverick's ball. (Maverick is our puppy, or our 80lb white German shepherd puppy.) I know in the next few weeks the bulge is going to get increasingly larger! I haven't felt much movement the past few days. When I sneeze I feel some flutters but other than that, not much. It is reassuring to feel a poke or prod here and there. I can't wait till they are stronger and Chris is able to feel them too.

It has been hard not having any close friends around to confide in, or someone my age that has been pregnant to talk with. I keep looking for Mothers' groups in the area, but they are all for Stay at Home Moms. . . I'll keep trying!

By this time next week we'll know if the little one is a little boy or girl! I am so excited, I can't wait to pick things out at Babies R Us, and start planning the nursery design and getting some adorable outfits. I don't want to do a theme really. I just want the room to be comfortable and classic. I was thinking of framing some posters of nursery rhymes or Beatrix Potter and getting some soft flowy curtains or something. I've started to worry about how the pets will be around the baby. Maverick is still a puppy and the cats think they own the place.

Also, we are getting new carpet put in, which I know Chris will have a cow if the pets make a mess or the baby spills (god forbid) and stains the carpet. BUT, it will be much better than what we have now, so I hope it works out. Chris is such a handyman that he has already changed the entire house it seems, new paint, moulding around all the doors, new baseboard and chair railing. He put in a French door and put wood flooring on the stairs downstairs. But he really wanted carpet in the living room and bedrooms so we're having someone put it in. Once spring comes he'll be outside working on his landscape plans. When we bought the house the yard was really a disaster. Chris has done so much to it and I'm looking forward to sitting with the baby in the gardens and going down by the pond to feed the ducks that come by.

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