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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 23-25
~ The Bug

Last week I had a horrible flu-like bug. It last only for 2 days but took a few days to recover. I was so worried that it would harm the baby. I couldn't even keep water down so I practically slept in the bathroom. Chris was so great and picked up the medicine my midwife had okayed and took care of me. Once I started craving ice cream again I knew I was feeling better!

My maternity pants are starting to feel tight this week! Yikes! As soon as I get the chance, I am going to look for some maternity dresses. The pants really haven't worked out for me. If they fit they are too short, if they are longer they are too tight. They do make maternity pants in Talls but they are hard to find and I'm not sure it's worth getting them shipped.

The baby is moving more and more each week, or I am feeling the movements more and more because the baby is growing more! I still worried that I'm not as big as some women I see that are as far along as I am, but people keep reassuring me that it will happen.

My mother and I attended a La Leche League meeting last night. More than anything I think it will be good to have a group of women that are experiencing similar things at the same time. There was another woman there last night that is a due a few weeks before I am, and the other attendees all had infants or young children. They meet twice a month but I can only make the evening meetings, so I'll only have 3 left to go until the baby is born. Then I'll probably bring her with me, especially if I'm having any breastfeeding issues. I've always wanted to breastfeed; my mother was a La Leche league leader years ago so I've never really thought any different. However, knowing that I'll have to pump at work is going to be difficult so I'm going to try to find a position where I can have the baby onsite with me, either teaching preschool or starting an in home day care.

We still haven't decided on a name. I know we still have time, but I told him as long as we aren't going home with the baby and still deciding what to name her than I'm okay.

I am starting to think about switching providers so at least the hospital is closer to home. Also, there aren't that many hospitals that allow water births. They offer the tub for laboring but don't allow you to give birth in the tub. Odd, I know. The midwifery that I go to is in a hospital and they don't really offer options of giving birth at home or at another hospital. So If I'm going to make the switch I should do it soon.

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