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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26
~ Feeling Big!

This past weekend we had Easter at my Uncle's home. It was so good to see everyone and I can't believe my cousins will be graduating high school. I still feel like I just graduated high school! I did end up finding some nice maternity dresses. I bought them a little big because I know I still have a lot of growing to do. Which is hard to believe, I already feel so big! I try to avoid the scale in our bathroom but occasionally I'll hop on it and glance as the numbers seem to rise before my eyes. Everyone says it is natural and not to worry! But it is just hard to take in.

I've been trying to eat better, I really have! My cravings consist of ice cream at night and I can't get enough fresh fruit. Plums, peaches, strawberries, anything! However, I should be eating more veggies.

Chris has been working outside nonstop. I feel so bad that I can't help out more. I get tired so easy and I know I wouldn't be of much use raking for five minutes. Lately I've been having these horrible dreams that keep me up at night and because I can't get back to sleep; I've been so tired during the day. How do moms deal with pregnancy when they already have children to watch? How did my mother do it! I have no idea.

I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever get to working on the nursery. I really don't want to go all out now, just simple. But right now the room is completely empty with the crib pieces on the floor and the strollers and clothing in the closet. Will I ever have enough energy to decide what I want to do with everything! We plan on using a co-sleeper for the most part, which will make getting up to breastfeed at night easier. But I'm sure we'll use the crib occasionally.

Next week we start our Labor and Delivery class. I had wanted to wait a little longer but all of the classes are booked through July, so we had to settle with this one. I'm also looking forward to my next La Leche League meeting in May. I already have a list of questions to ask now that I've been thinking about things.

The baby is kicking up a storm. I can tell when she's switched positions and something large seems to float over to the left above my belly button. It feels like a knot or a ball. Then I'll get a big jab that makes me stop what I'm doing. This has only been a few times but it's great when it happens!

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