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Melissa's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27 ~ April 26
~ The third trimester, already!

Everything seems to be going so quickly now. I had a little nesting instinct kick in this past weekend. I started to set up a nursing/rocking area in the nursery. I bought a beautiful lamp with lace trim on the shade and got the rocker and glider all ready with a stand next to them for other necessities. I also have started unpacking the clothing that we have received or that has been bought. It is so hard to believe that little feet actually fit into those tiny socks. I made sure to take out all of the little plastic pieces that hold the socks together.

I've also noticed I'm getting to be more of a "clean freak". I've started washing/disinfecting everything in sight and it seems I can't stop washing my hands enough or asking if Chris if he has washed his hands like five hundred times before we eat dinner or come back from shopping.

I took the Glucose test for gestational diabetes the other day. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I guess I was lucky because I didn't have the old version of the drink that is thick and orange; I had the drink that basically tastes like Sprite. I won't be having Sprite for a while. While I waited to have my blood drawn I went up to the maternity ward to see if I could have a tour. There wasn't much of a maternity ward, which was fine, but I was a little saddened at what I saw. The hospital has separate rooms for the Labor/Delivery and Recovery. So that means I'd be moved around from room to room. And, if I wanted to use a tub (only for laboring, they don't allow water births) I'd have to be moved again. The rooms reminded me of empty nursing home rooms. I haven't had good experiences with nursing homes . . . They were really old and didn't have a place for family or partners to sit or stay. Basically it was an old hospital room with a bed and a chair. Between this and the long commute to the hospital I'm really thinking that I want to switch midwives to deliver at the hospital close to home. Am I selfish for doing so? I just know that I won't be looking forward to a delivery in such a gloomy hospital. I am not that close to my current midwives because I see someone new each time I go for my visit, so I don't think that will be problem. Also, having the hospital only 10 minutes from home will give me better peace of mind. I know I should have made this switch sooner; it's just been busy and I am such a procrastinator.

People have just now started to ask, "When is your new addition coming," or "How far along are you?" Some of my coworkers have said I am starting to look pudgy or that from behind I don't even look pregnant. So which is it! Everyone is different and carries different so I'm not really worried.

We attended the first Labor Series class this week. There weren't many couples in the class, I think our due date is the latest with everyone due a week or two before us in July. The first class was pretty much a review for me. In college I took so many child development and pregnancy classes that the basic information is still fresh in my mind. But I know the information on Labor and everything is going to be so helpful, as well as learning from each other.

I think it was really good for Chris to go and talk with some of the other expectant fathers. At first they were all really uncomfortable. The instructor asked all of us, "So why are you here today?" and most of the dads had a response like "Because I don't want to sleep on the couch tonight . . ." or "Because I have no idea what to do with a baby." SO this will be a very good thing for them!

This weekend we are looking forward to working outside and then going shopping for some end tables for our new furniture. My parents were so nice and gave us the gift of new furniture. (Could this be a hint to get rid of the shredded, torn up couch that our dog left us?!) Also, none of my maternity pants fit anymore and I think wearing the same three sundresses to work each week will get old, so I need to get something that fits. I knew I should have gotten the large in these pants but at the time they were huge and I had to hold them up! See you next week

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