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Week 28 ~ May 3
~ Thinking about Labor

The other day I was watching the show, "Birth Day" on the Discovery Channel. Normally, I prefer to watch "A Baby Story" or "Bringing Home Baby" on TLC as they tend to focus more on the relationships of the family before and after the baby is born, but I'm never home during the day for these. One of the women on the show had an ultrasound and her doctor was 70% sure the baby was girl. They ended up having a boy. Now that I've registered for mostly pink linens and we have mostly pink and purple clothing, I am getting a bit worried. Should I go through with another ultrasound after I've had so many already? Who knows of the long term affects they have on the baby? Early on I had a few more ultrasounds done than normal because they had seen a small blood clot in the lining of my uterus. I guess this is a fairly common occurrence and on our last ultrasound the clot appeared to have been absorbed and was gone. Still, I'm hesitant to ask for another "Sex Check."

Movement has really increased with the baby. Last night I was able to touch what felt like a foot after the baby was kicking and felt the foot move away from my hand. This was so exciting to me. This little one is responding to me! After dinner is when there is the most activity. I'll lay my hand or Chris's hand on my belly and wait for the "jump." My belly will literally shake with each kick. In other bodily updates I've been really amazed at all of the changes that have happened. Not so much with the weight gain/stretch marks on my hips but the idea that my body is changing to accommodate this little being, and to provide food. I've been able to express colostrum for about a week now, which I think is the greatest thing. I am so eager to meet our little one! July seems like it will take forever to get here.

At our last Labor Class poor Chris was selected to "demonstrate" some birthing relaxation techniques including a horribly titled one called "Paint Brush." The whole class was laughing their heads off. Chris did a really good job and by the end I was wondering who would actually be the better laboring partner. On the way home he said we should start practicing our breathing at night. I thought, "Is this the same man I married!?"

We both are starting to get a little nervous about the whole labor experience though. I, especially, am worried about dealing with the whole episiotomy issue as well as anesthesia and pain relief. I am hoping to go the natural route but who knows what will happen once everything is under way. If our little one does end up being a girl I will also be thankful that we don't have to touch on the issue of circumcision. Chris and I both each have strong opposite beliefs on the topic so maybe this was someone's way of saying "don't worry about it, at least this time!"

It is funny that people feel so inclined to tell you their horror stories about their birth experience to pregnant women. Would this really make me feel better about my upcoming experience?! I've heard epidural horror stories, nursing horror stories, stories about emergency c-sections and episiotomies. You name it! I just hope that whatever happens I'll have a good recovery and a healthy baby.

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